My Dirty Used Panties for Sale

I usually wear each pair to order, and love how excited you guys get while you wait! I will wear your panties for 24, 48 or 72 hours (occasionally longer) depending on what you want. I offer a wide variety of styles and colors, because I am a bit crazy for panties myself, and can’t stop buying them 😉

In general panties come with normal wear, a day or more wearing them for you. No two worn panties are quite the same: I am a real girl not a machine, so you get my unique spicy scent and taste every time. I am a highly sexed young lady, things are always turning me on, so my pussy often gets moist, which gives my panties an irresistible aroma 😉 Some of my fans compliment me too on my natural, sweaty ass smell, which they say is rich and wholesome. You’re getting the authentic dirty panties of a real very sexy girl who enjoys her life and likes to share her magic!

I have thongs, fullbacks, bikini, boyshort and various other styles filled with my Sweet Princess Nectar Royal Pussy Juice,  Perfect Body Sweat and/or My Musky Backdoor Scent and Royal Ass Candy . No perfumes or body sprays, no scented lotions, just my sweet body scent.

I will wear my panties for 24 hours to 48 hours – price is $75.00  (includes shipping in the US). International – you will have to pay for shipping costs.

If you would like a longer time, just add the wearing time inquiry, along with any other extra dirty options you require when emailing me and you will get custom price.


  • I can Cum in your panties
  • Video wearing your Panties
  • Panty Stuffing
  • Heavy Gym Exercise Workout
  • Strip Tease Panty Photoset

Don’t let my dirty clothing end up in the laundry! You can make so much better use of them, so choose an item below and they will yours forever.



I know you can’t get enough my delicious scent and taste. Bury your nose in my panties… feel them brush against your cock and face… suck on my sweet juices. Buy my panties just how you like them – juicy and filled with my sweet scent… exactly what you’ve been craving.

All of my dirty panties are worn by me and only me, for periods of 24 to 72 hours. And as soon as I finish wearing your panties, I strip them off, seal them in an air-tight bag, and rush them to your door!

My panties are a delicious, fragrant delight for all your senses. If you enjoy the authentic, musky taste and aroma of a real woman’s body, then you need to experience my hot used panties for yourself … it’s the next-best thing to burying your face between my soft, creamy thighs.

All panties are worn for 24 hours, or overnight, masturbation, with a workout, pee soaked, or a photo set. I take requests! If there’s a style, color, or material that you’d like me to get for you, let me know. I’ll never turn down an excuse to go shopping for more lingerie on your budget!

Discounts Available for Multiple Items & Repeat Buyers