Used Socks


You love the smell of my dirty, filthy socks… filled with my sweat after a dripping wet workout. The scent of my white cotton socks, pressed against my musky feet… soft and smooth as they soak up my scent. Bury your nose in my socks … fill your lungs with my sweat and juices… Buy them just how you like them – filled with my intoxicating scent… exactly what you’ve been craving. I love dirtying my worn unwashed socks for you guys, and have fun thinking of you sniffing them and sucking all my sweat and dirt out. All socks are tightly packed in air tight bags, so they smell and taste exactly as they were when I peeled them off my pretty feet. 


My Worn Cotton Socks for sale

I have sold many pairs of dirty socks. Men seem to love having my worn socks to play with, or worship. Cotton is good because it absorbs my sweat well. If you are a foot fetishist, or like to adore a real girl’s smelly socks, deny yourself no longer. Order your pair now!

I can wear the socks for one day, for several days or even a week, depending on how stinky you want them 😉 My one-day wear socks have almost no scent, for those of you who want to enjoy a VERY gentle natural aroma of female feet. I can add a spray of perfume to give them a sweet feminine fragrance, if you want. My long-wear socks can smell really pungent and reek of my stale foot sweat.

If you are crazy for my socks, and want to treat me as the Princess I am, you should consider making a regular financial contribution. In return you will get regular photos not available on my web site, and the chance to explore your fetish with me one-to-one via email. You don’t have to be alone with your fetish.