Used Clothing FAQ’s

Description – All panties are worn for a full 48 hours including overnight, a moderate workout, 2 wet masturbation sessions, a photo set, and hand-written note. Extended wear , heavy workout, more masturbation, pee panties, period items, and other delights are available upon request. Panties and other items that are currently available are listed by category, with descriptions of the items and price. Other styles and items are available upon request, or when you send me a gift to wear! I’m a fit, non-smoker, with a healthy diet and clean shaven pussy (unless otherwise requested). I do not wear lotion, perfume, or other products that may interfere with natural scent.

Photos – I LOVE to take photos in my panties and garments! Panties include at least 5 to 7 high-quality, digital photos. I can offer extended photo sets with additional angles or lingerie upon request. All photos are sent via email once package has shipped. I also offer foot fetish photo sets.

Requests – I am very open minded and accept special requests, such as pleasuring myself in panties, wearing for extended time, extended work outs, stuffing, sex panties, pee panties, skid marks, and menstrual panties or stains. Prices for additional requests are listed below. If you would like something else, definitely ask! I would love to hear your idea.

Shipping – Panties are sealed and packaged to perfection, in an air tight Ziploc bag. They are shipped right after wearing, discretely in a large envelope. Your name and address are written, with an anonymous PO Box or your address as the return address, and no mention of the contents. If any scent is lost during the shipping process, allow panties to rest in a steam-filled room (while you’re taking a shower) for 15 minutes, so panties can regain moisture. All garments are shipped via regular mail, with overnight and other methods are available upon request. Price of shipping varies depending on your location.

Price – Prices vary per item, and are noted in photo descriptions. Special requests are available, and I can buy panties to fit your preference. Additional 24 hour wear, extended work outs, masturbation, Stuffing, pee, period panties, and masturbation panties are all an additional cost.  I sometimes offer reduced pricing for multiple orders and repeat customers. Payment is required before shipment. I prefer payment through, and occasionally via gift card (ask first). If you prefer snail mail, I can accept concealed cash with a tracking number.

Contact – Please email me if you have any questions, special requests, or would like to order. I am open to your ideas, and would love to hear from you! I will respond as soon as possible. My email is

Gifts & Size – I accept garment requests, and would love you to send me something sexy to wear for you. I also have a wish list and accept gifts, very happily! :) When you spoil me with a gift, I can spoil you with photo sets or garments. I am 5’9.5, 145 pounds, size 6 women’s dress, with medium panties and a 36c bra.

Sissies, Panty Boys, TS, TG, CD – If you see a garment you would love to have and wear for your collection, I will happily pass it down to you – unworn, clean, and in gently used condition. Garment prices will vary, but will always be less than the retail and worn value. I often have unlisted items available as well. I would love to show you more of my collection, and share them with you!

Also Available – I have many garments available, and would love to share them with you! All garments are similarly worn, photographed, and packaged, unless otherwise requested. Please contact me for details!

  • Stockings, Fishnets, Pantyhose, Tights
  • Socks, Workout Socks, Patterned Socks, Knee-Highs, Toe Socks
  • Bras, Sports Bras, Bandeaus
  • Lingerie, Corsets, Sets
  • Bathing Suits, Bikinis
  • Shoes, High Heels, Sneakers, Sandals, Flip-Flops
  • Workout Clothes, Bike Shorts, Yoga Pants, T-shirts, Tank Tops
  • Regular Clothes, Dresses, T-Shirts, Blouses, Jeans, Shorts, etc
  • Purses, Accessories, Cosmetics
  • Toys (must be bought in advance)
  • Open to Requests!
  • Photo Sets upon request, or with gifts
  • Foot Fetish Photo Sets