New fruit I tried

Bought this fruit at the farmers market.  It did taste good! I just can’t remember what it was called.image

Hope you like the picture. Let me know if you know what it’s name is.

My intense trainer

My trainer has once again kicked it up a notch. More cardio, more minutes, more days each week.

My thing is I get bored on the machines after about 10 minutes. I will even switch it up and do 10 minutes running, 10 minutes biking and about 2 minutes on the stairmaster.

It was so much easier when I lived way down south with the weather. Could just go outside each morning and go for a jog. I know I can do that here but I hate running outside when it’s below 70. It’s just to darn cold. My nipples are going to need a vacation and nice strong heat rays from being at attention all winter!


My new idea is to do the cardio playing racketball. Just imagine me in tight shorts, tight shirt, running all over a little room with my breasts bouncing as I swing the racket at a little ball! Now that is fun cardio! At least one you can do in public! Look at the ones I picked out and help me maintain my girly figure!

Why so many pics of my backside


Really another one? Every time I download pictures from the camera I get all of these backside pictures! I’m both embarrassed and just think it’s funny my honey keeps taking these pictures.

This one was taken about midnight getting ready for a camping trip. I was making our tin foil pre-meals to throw on the camp fire. It’s easier to cut things in the kitchen than do while camping.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Ikea makes me wet

As I continue to write more, I’m finding the space and desk are very important. Till now I have been on the bed with the laptop across my lap….Guess that’s where they got that name! After awhile the lower back and neck start to ache. I’m only able to do things in spurts. I write a bit but than get tense after awhile, than get up, stretch, and walk around till things get loose again. This cycle goes on all day.

That prompted a trip to the local Ikea. Had only been once before. Wow! Was that a wet gals dream! I think it is for guys as well as they seemed to be having an equally good time!

I love you have a map of the store and the paper and little pencil to write what you want down. Seeing all the different rooms is very inspirational as well. That is where I found my perfect desk table! I wanted it tall so I can sit on the barstools, have a nice area to put my laptop and drink on and look out the window for inspiration.

Their little food court was also cute. Got the fish and chips and some Elderberry drink. It was on special for $1.99. I had some other fish and chips at a local bar a few days prior. And the Ikea one was soooo much better! Didn’t try the meatballs that everyone talks about. Maybe next trip.

I really like the wood and shape of this particular piece. Be a part of my writing diary and contribute to my fund to purchase this! You don’t want a gal with an achy back do you?


Understanding the Trekkie

The things I do for my honey. Started to watch some science fiction and comic book movies. I have to say The Captain America movie was good. Battlestar Gallactica is also so far Ok. Only on the second episode.

Next on the list is to watch Star Trek on the Blue Ray with surround sound. This is the newer one from 2009. We apparently own this DVD.

Here is a picture of a science fiction movie I was in. I was trying to take over the world and force masturbation from every human.


You can help me out by buying the next ‘ In to Darkness’ one DVD. We also drink ‘Aloe Vera King’ drink and popcorn for movie night at home. Please see my Amazon wish list. You should also try some yourself! It sounds too healthy to taste good, but its really sweet. Has an interesting texture – like little beads in it. Were trying all the favors. I guess all the reading about aloe Vera good for outside of the skin must also mean its good for you if you drink it!

I know now what I call ‘ the Spock hand’ is.

And somewhat a little about singularity. This sounds both interesting and scary. This plays back to understanding Battlestar Galactica. Wiki says ‘The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature.
So what Science Fiction movies do you think I would like?

No two snowflakes or boobies are alike

We are all so wonderfully different. All shapes, sizes and colors. You get to appreciate everyone for their own uniqueness and beauty. Think how boring it would be with just one nationality of food! Think how boring it would be if every woman had the same breast size! Are you sweating?

Think how boring it would be with only one season! OK – summer might be that bad all the time. But, the other seasons are definitely making me appreciate it even more. Think how boring it would be with just one sport to watch!

How boring would it be with only one shoe pattern and color? Now I’m sweating!

Apparently no two are alike due to many changes in temperature and humidity the crystal experiences during it’s fall to earth. Is this is what happens with us as well?

My breasts got even bigger

Know how I get even curvier? I add just a few pounds over the winter. My breasts are taking the brunt of it this time. I feel like I’m walking around with honeydew melons strapped to my chest!

It makes then a little sore. And when I go to the gym I have got to really strap them in with a sports bra to even think about running. Even with that they are bouncing up and down a lot. I can tell the guys and gals enjoy the show. I always have someone on the right and left of me on the treadmills at the gym. I can even go to one end that is completely desolate with people and in a matter of minutes it’s packed!

becky 055

All my clothes get even tighter. I really start to enjoy my shower more because I do like to wash them. I can understand you guys wanting them because I want them as well. They are so curvy, and soft and round. God’s gift was to top it off with nipples. You know how hard they get when they get cold. I’m always fully erect anyway in that area! Imagine what a little bit of cold does!

Masturbation helps me sleep

Sometimes I can’t get to sleep. My brain just won’t turn off. So I lay there trying to sleep and just watch the minutes and hours go by. I don’t know why I always fight this. I just need to masturbate right away. I then go to sleep within minutes with a smile on my face.

I wonder why this does this? I mean we all know the many positive things that come with sex. Maybe that is why I want it all the time. It makes me feel good! So shouldn’t you want to keep doing something that feels good?

Sometimes I do it slow and just when I’m about to come..I stop. It’s kind of painful getting to the edge like that and not finishing it right away. But, I find when I go at it again when I finally come it’s even more powerful!


All that stupid talk about how it was bad for you. Just the opposite. You should be masterbating right now looking at one of my pictures. Good ahead, do it! I give you permission! Take advantage of my good mood and enjoy your few pleasurable minutes from Princess Becky. It’s does a body good to worship me!

Saving the bird

I think it was definitely meant to be that I came across this bird to save it.   Had been out hiking in a Nature Preserve by the house and was on the way home.  Almost went to another place which we named bamboo beach….pictures to follow later, but decided to go home.


At the turn to go home had to slow down for a bird walking on the road..  Thought maybe it was getting something to eat and was going to fly away, but it just ran out in front of us.  That is when I knew it was injured.  It somehow made it across the road after two cars flew by it and it went under them.  Somehow it managed not to get hit.

We took a wide right turn and went to the other side of the road to catch it.  I ran out of the car and went up to the bird.  It kind of stumbled down a hill and went under a car.  Was able to catch after about a minute of chasing it.

My day changed than as we drove to Aware Wildlife Center.  They examined the bird and said it physically appeared to be OK but was very skinny.  Probably a racer bird and didn’t know how to catch food.

Gave them some money for donation and they took the bird in.  A day later check in on it and they said it is fine physically but has a little neurological issue.  Real sweet with people, just a little nutty.   They should find it a nice home and it will make a sweet pet.    This happenstance happens to me about every other month.  I’m just here to try and rescue the sweet babies out there.







My trainer – Heidi Von Tramp

This trainer is tough. Driving me to do sets when all I want to do is jump in the hot tub and rest my sore muscles. I have come far in the last 4 months. I have to say I have slipped a bit this month with the weather. I know it makes sense to want to be in the gym more this time of year…but, I’m just wanting to stay home and cook and be warm.

She does have the nicest ass that I have seen. Nice and round and firm. It does make going to the gym a bit easier. Her abs are also very nice. Nice cuts everywhere.

There is a squat machine that I just love watching her do. I get to see from her thighs down to her calves. I just watch the muscles rip as she goes up and down on the machine.


She has not worn a just a workout bra since October. Guess she has gotten cold as well. So one more reason to look forward to Spring as the clothes come off!

So March it’s back to business at the gym! Wish me luck!

The scar that has a happy memory

Last fall I experienced the wonderful fall splendor of the Smokey Mountains. It was gorgeous! I am going to do this trip each fall now!

We went in the middle of the week and hit it during peak season.  Since they are mountains you would actually see several variations of fall.  At the bottom it was just starting, the middle was at peak and the top of the mountain was winter and snow.  Was fun driving through 441 and seeing it all.

First night arrived at a campground right before it closed. My honey took a snapshot of the open camping slots. Sometimes a little detailed but it ended up being a good guide of where to look. When we got to the third open one we couldn’t believe our luck. A spot right by the river.

My hyper organized honey than gathered firewood and sorted it by size and what burning time it would have.  The best part was watching a huge piece of wood get banged against a sharp rock and get split in to manageable firewood pieces.  But that was not how the scar occurred.

The second day was filled with more leaf sightseeing and driving through a tourist packed Gatlinburg downtown. Was trying to find another place in the park but couldn’t find the right spot. Headed southbound and kept looking….many hours later ended up in Tallulah Falls.  Again hit the camp sight just as they were closing.  I did the firewood gathering this time. Ran around in the woods picking up sticks.

We started the fire late after dark.  While I was cooking dinner over the campfire my honey was playing with some Stargazer App.  Imagine this picture… someone walking towards me, talking excitedly about how clear the sky was, holding out the IPhone to show me what was in the sky, than slamming a shin in to a concrete picnic table.  A loud ‘ Ouch’ and than laughter and amazement pointing to the shin saying ‘Wow! Look how bad I banged that! That’s gong to be a cool looking scar!’

I grabbed the Neosporin and became Nurse Becky.

And yes, a few months later it is a cool looking scar with a lot of laughter remembering that night!

Christmas photo 2013

Forgot to post these from 2013 Christmas. I’m with my puppy doing antler ears with my hands. I look really happy!

Celebrated Christmas early this year. My honey was out of town on the official day. So got to spend it twice! I really had fun with you guys and as you can see from my twitter page you kept me warm by buying me shots!

I had a great photo shoot and was featured in the December Holiday edition of ‘ Fem Exposure’ both in the paper and the online edition. So I got good use out of my Santa outfit!

Looking back on December weather it was not that cold. Really, I mean really? The south has to have its coldest winter in 30 years? Dreaming of summer and bikinis! image


The many uses of coconut oil

It started with I wanted to cook with something other than olive oil. I read about how great it was to use organic coconut oil. So I bought a big jar at my local wholesale warehouse store. It really makes food taste great! Not as heavy as olive oil.

Later in the month I read about how it was good to use on your skin. So I slathered it on after I took a shower one day. Than headed to the gym. I looked like I was ready to pose for a contest being all shiny and wet looking with the oil on me. I was a bit too generous in the coverage!

As most of you know I am also very good at shaving certain body areas. 😉

I can tell you that coconut oil is very soothing to put on my sensitive shaved skin. Maybe you guys should also try it after you shave.

I love the way it smells too! So I had my thinking cap on and knew it smelled good, was a good moisturizer and was nice and slippery. Guess where I used it next?

So now you know a good organic lube to try!

I’m also wanting to try the moisturizers. Check out my Amazon wish list and help me keep moist!

I like it spicy!

Spice is like perfume. Too little and you don’t notice. Too much and it makes you want to run in the opposite direction.

It’s taken me some time to get it just right. Not too little and not too much. Then of course there are the considerations of how the spices can compliment each other. Like a cool necklace to match the dress, you don’t want to get it wrong. At least you’d get that if your a gal or cross dresser.

Food for me is defiantly an aphrodisiac. It makes me happy and gets my juices going. I also think that is a great way to show someone you care about them. Even if your a guy just making a grilled cheese for your gal or friends, it shows you care. beckylesabre cooking

I tend to hum when I cook. I also wear as little clothing as possible. You can see from the attached photo. Keep in mind this was from last October. Wait till you see what I wear in July!

You probably have read some of my other recipe blogs and know how I like unprocessed food. Is it called the Old School Food Movement? Fresh local food cooked with a little something extra to make a wonderful sensuous home cooked meal. I’m getting hungry just writing about food.

I’m needing to get some spice racks to get a little better organized. Right now they are stacked up in the cupboard. See my amazon wish list and you can be a part of my meals.

Keeping warm with smell and touch

Getting warm takes more than heat. It takes both physical and mental comfort. You can be inside your house or car with the heat blasting but still feel a little cold. I find its the dreary weather and all the trees and plants being naked that makes it hard to get warm. Not a great visual.

So what are the things I do to get warm? I know it is girly but I love to cuddle and snuggle with my stuffed animals. Just seeing them propped up in my bed next to my pillows puts a smile on my face.


The other is good food. I’m talking real good old fashioned comfort food. I’m a great cook and I like to be in the kitchen making some yummy treats. The smell goes throughout the house and will make you stomach growl with delight in anticipation……

I like nice cotton dresses to keep the heat from sapping out of my body. Summers are for bikinis around the house and winters are skin tight cotton dresses. Maybe I’m covered more but you still know exactly what’s under the dress.

I’m a sensual gal so it is more than just a high thermometer to get me warm! Hope you all have some good things too to stay warm too!