Sunning on the deck

I love the start of summer! I have missed wearing all my bikinis. Just being able to lay in the sun and feel the rays on my skin are definitely a turn on for me.

Laying in a chair, slathering oil all over me and just feeling the heat slowly make me sweat. That is what a princesses main job should be. I’ll get just a nice sun kissed tan so you can enjoy it. I think the tan lines are a turn on. You get to see what others don’t. But, then I do like nude bathing now and then. That is a good feeling. Laying naked on a chair just feeling the sun touch every part of my body. The ultimate pleasure is laying naked in a chair and having my honey go down on me.


Right now I’m laying on a towel writing this. Would love to put my tush in a nice lounge chair. Send me one and I’ll send you some pictures of me laying in it naked!