Pee Panties


I am selling my peed-thru panties

Hello guys! I am a used panty seller and have been selling my worn panties for many years. I got orders to buy my peed-in panties. I thought you’re kidding me guys, but I tried and sold one pair. I had to check if they’re smelling good, or I had to pee thru them again, and I was impressed how sweet my pee scent is. REALLY! I couldn’t imagine how sexy this scent is before, and now I know why you wish to get my pee panties.

I don’t ship them wet as there will be an ammonia/mildew smell, so I ship them dry. I know you guys want to get them moist, but here is a tip. Use a steaming teapot to make my panties moist and you will get them exactly as you want them to be! I also tested my invention and know you will have much more pleasure smelling them!
Becky Lesabre14

1. Peed-in panties, pantyhose (without any photos and videos)

You can get a pair of my one day worn panties and I will pee thru them before I go to sleep or after I wake up to make them as yellowish as you want them to be. Some guys want them to be completely soaked, another guys love to get just a few drops. It’s up to you and I respect your choice.

2. Peed-in panties, pantyhose, socks (with personal photos)

I am an experienced seller and I know that you guys want to get extra pleasure playing with my pee scented underwear, so you can get a pair of my soiled knickers or pantyhose with additional photos of me in them. I can also hold a sign with your name to make you assured that I cooked them FOR YOU.

3. Peed-thru smelly panties or pantyhose (with a personal video)

Some guys prefer to get a peeing video of me more than photos, as you can see my golden nectar flows down and you can hear the sexy pee sound. It’s a very sexy, personal and intimate thing! I know you will be addicted to the video when you receive my pee stained panties and watch the video again and again smelling them! You will be in heaven! That’s for sure!!

4. Peeing thru a pair of white pantyhose to make them yellowish… hehehe

This video was recorded for my returning buyer who can never get enough of my yummy pee scent. It’s really too sweet. I didn’t know before that my pee smell is so wonderful. You need to try too 😉 Or please tell me if you want to get just a few drops of my pee in my panties or pantyhose. I am ready to make you satisfied!


5. Custom peeing photos and videos

I know you guys want to get something very special, so I can make a custom peeing video wearing the pair of panties you wish to get from me the most. Of course full backs are better than thongs as they have more fabric to adsorb my pee and you will have more area to enjoy!


How to buy my pee panties?


1. Choose the panties or the color of pantyhose you wish to get the most.
2. Send me a message about the peed underwear you want to buy.
3. I will reply to you the same or next day!