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Fixed Tributes & Rewards

  • Personal PayPig – Reserved for the most dedicated and worthy of pay piggies, this dedicated option of servitude includes extreme budgeting, pleasure and lifestyle denial, and advanced rewards to those who exceed My expectations. You will give up your selfish desires, needless luxuries, and worthless ego to dedicate yourself to pleasing your Madame in every way. Your power and money and no longer yours to enjoy, and I will have complete control over your finances. I will create a budget, allowing you the bare minimum to have your basic needs and bills met, including groceries and other necessary expenses, within reason. I will set aside a fund for your future savings, and occasionally you will be allotted some side money, when you demonstrate you are worthy. You will no longer have the luxuries you are accustomed to, as the remainder of your paycheck will become Mine to use as I see fit. In return of your loyal and dedicated Tribute, you will be rewarded greatly as I see fit, and will bask in the satisfaction that you have generously served your Madame.  IMG_1377
  • Human ATM – For those who love the excitement, spontaneity, and total loss of control of handing their money over to an experienced and superior Madame… you will pay Me Tribute and give Me gifts when and how I instruct you to, without objection (at a predetermined rate). It is My choice when and how you will pay Me… and you are required to obey. Your wallet is no longer in your command. I also expect lavish Tributes and gifts beyond those requested, and in return, you may be rewarded with photo sets and videos detailing My luxurious lifestyle at your expense. You may even get cam sessions, if you’re lucky and set yourself apart as worthy of My unique attention.
  • Pleasure Pig – For those who love to lavish their Princess with toys… this pampered treat might be My absolute favorite. Spoil me with sex toys that will make Me scream, and get off knowing that you contributed to multiple, moaning orgasms. In return of your loyal Tributes, be rewarded with photo sets featuring My toys, and if you’re lucky, while I’m wearing My favorite panties and lingerie. Bask in the satisfaction that your Tribute has expanded My already lavish collection. Those piggies who demonstrate true servitude, setting themselves apart with divine gifts and generous Tributes, may be rewarded with videos and garment modeling sessions on cam… or even worn garments, if they’re lucky. $50 weekly minimum, or $200+ monthly in Tribute or gifts.

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