Payment Options


I accept a variety of payment options however many of them take a percentage off the top, so I have made this page to help you make a correct payment. I will break down each payment option so you know how much to send once fees are included.


My Newest Way of Accepting Payments- Send the payment to

light_logo is my favorite and most preferred method of payment.

Information needed to complete payment:

Name: becky lesabre

Gift Amount: You will know this once I have quoted you for a service or product.

Email to recipient:



Clips4Sale Tribute or Purchase Clips. I think you will love this options, as you can purchase clips from my store and still receive the product you are purchasing. (webcam, customrequest videos, used panties, etc)

$70 = $50
$105 = $75
$140 = $100
$210 = $150
$245 = $175