Pay my Bills

It is only through your servitude to a Superior Princess that your life takes on true meaning.Ā It is a privilege to serve such a highly esteemed Princess Humiliatrix, and only a lucky few are good enough to be considered. I am currently accepting application for new servants, slaves, and pay piggies to give worship and Tribute regularly. These opportunities will be given to only the luckiest servants who demonstrate their worth to Me, and are able to set themselves apart from the crowd. It is an honor to serve Me, and good behavior, honesty, dedication, and regular Tribute will be recognized and rewarded.

Support Your Sweet Princess! I work hard to make you HARDER šŸ˜‰

I’m working really hard for you guys and I see that you come back to my website very often to see the new panty updates, and new photos and videos of me teasing you. It is not as easy as it seems, so please support your sweet girl and you’ll let a personal panty girl into your life. I will contact you and send NEW photos from my daily life. I ALWAYS want to treat you MORE once you treat me. I am a fair deal!

Remember! I have even more power to work harder after you treat me!Ā YOU AREĀ stimulating me to do that! You already know that I am sexy and cute, don’t you? And you know that my dirty panties smell like heaven to a guy like you šŸ˜‰ So please donate some money and you will get a sweet panty friend. You will not be alone with your panty fetish.

$Ā Adopt a BillĀ $

Only the most loyal admirer will dare take on this type of tribute. You can make a single payment or if youā€™re feeling more generous you can pay a few months or even a whole year! Only offer this most loving form of tribute if you are reliable in covering them. Iā€™m not very patient with liars and cheapskates, so if you adopt a bill be prompt with your tributes every month; or your name will go in the hall of shame. I will have a comfortable and convenient life at your expense.


Monthly Bills

Mortgage: $1159
Car Insurance: $225
Gas: $211
Cell Phone: $120
Internet Services: $150
Utilities: $197
Grocery Bills: $350
Further Education: $485
Entertainment: $850
Spa & Pampering: $250

Anyone can give hundreds of dollarsā€¦ Those who truly LOVE ME give thousands. Keep this in mind. Itā€™s a quick way to become a pet.



Help Me To Pay My Bills

Like any modern girl, I have bills to pay. As a cute and sexy Princess, I also deserve some luxuries. I know you agree. So here is an opportunity for you money slaves, and all guys who like to show their generosity to a sexy young lady who deserves to be pampered.

Adopt a bill and I will reward you with new photos, and give you my personal attention via emails. For example, if you pay for my pedicures or manicures, I will reward you with photos of my feet or hands, and show you how I use your money. I send all my loyal bill payers new pictures from my everyday life. Make me your priority: pay my bills, finance special treats, to make me happy. You know I deserve it. What better way could there be for you to spend your money than on pleasing me, your sweet Princess? šŸ˜‰


  • Bill SlaveĀ ā€“Ā For those who love to extensively treat and spoil their Princess, above and beyond gifts and Tributesā€¦ this divine Tribute allows Me to spend My money in better ways than on bills. Spoil me by paying for some of My necessities, and in return of your loyal Tributes, be rewarded with photo and video sets featuring My lavish lifestyle, including gifts, lingerie, toys, and nights outā€¦ all of which I am better able to enjoy with the burden of bills lifted off My back. Those slaves who demonstrate true servitude, setting themselves apart with regular and generous Tributes, will get a large glimpse into the lifestyle of their Princess, and may be rewarded with cam, garments, extended chat, and other pleasuresā€¦. displaying My lavish world to which you have contributed.
  • Travel Slave ā€“Ā For those who love the excitement of thrill of spoiling their Princess with exotic vacationsā€¦ pamper Me with travel and worldly experiences, and gain the satisfaction that you helped your Princess explore the globe. In return of your generous Tributes, be rewarded with photo sets of My vacationsā€¦ oceanside bikinis, balcony lingerie, and even some videos of Me enjoying exotic luxuries abroad. Those slaves who demonstrate true servitude with lavish gifts and generous Tributes, may be rewarded with gifts or cam sessions from abroad, showing you the beauties of travel you have so provided to Me. (Note: You may suggest a destination, but I am in charge of all final planning and booking.)
  • Personal PayPigĀ – Reserved for the most dedicated and worthy of pay piggies, this dedicated option of servitude includes extreme budgeting, pleasure and lifestyle denial, and advanced rewards to those who exceed My expectations. You will give up your selfish desires, needless luxuries, and worthless ego to dedicate yourself to pleasing your Madame in every way. Your power and money and no longer yours to enjoy, and I will have complete control over your finances. I will create a budget, allowing you the bare minimum to have your basic needs and bills met, including groceries and other necessary expenses, within reason. I will set aside a fund for your future savings, and occasionally you will be allotted some side money, when you demonstrate you are worthy. You will no longer have the luxuries you are accustomed to, as the remainder of your paycheck will becomeĀ MineĀ to use as I see fit. In return of your loyal and dedicated Tribute, you will be rewarded greatly as I see fit, and will bask in the satisfaction that you have generously served your Madame.


P.S.Ā If you can’t send me the money, you can at least share this page on social networks.Ā DO SOMETHING to be helpful.Ā Don’t just sit there doing nothing to help me !!!Ā Don’t be indifferent. You have been visiting my website for months or perhaps even many years. My web traffic statistics show that people like to visit again and again. So don’t just stand back, please do what you can to support me!Ā