Panty tease on the webcam

You can buy a pair of my worn panties after I tease you with them on the webcam. You will see me wearing the panties you want to purchase. I also do my webcam tease with socks or pantyhose. Just send me a message that you wish to see me on the webcam and I will contact you the same day. Buy some time to see me teasing you with the panties online. I’m an ordinary girl working from home, so please don’t be shy and contact me right away!

1. When are you online for panties tease?
Email me for my schedule to see the date I’m online. You can also tell me the day you can be online. I can be online any other day, but you need to inform me the day before. Also, look at the clock to see my current time. Choose the webcam tease duration and send me a message that you are willing to see me in panties/socks/pantyhose you have chose. You’ll get my message back the same or other day.

2. Do you get naked?
As usually you guys love to see me teasing you with the underwear you want to buy. I think you also want to be teased with your best choice panties. It’s more the verification thing to see that I am the real deal. I feel like I am a teasing girl, not a porn star who can do the crazy things being in front of the camera! 😉

3. Do I need to download anything to be able to see you teasing me with panties on webcam?
You need to have a Skype software installed.