The Panty Fetish


Ever heard of it? Well yes you have. Mysophiliacs find soiled underwear sexually arousing. But why?

Sex pheromones are a chemical that is produced by one member of a species to attract a response from an opposite member of the same species.

If a lion or an elephant can detect a fertile female from miles and miles away then it is perfectly feasible that the female human will let off pheromones that will attract a male. It is therefore common sense that this scent will be concentrated in a particular area, such as her pussy. What rubs across her pussy on a continual daily basis – her panties of course.

Smelling used panties

The closest you can physically get to a woman is to bury your nose in her sex – if she’ll let you of course. A good alternative, if she won’t let you, is her panties, something she would normally drop into her laundry hamper without a second thought. But you can do a lot with them. You can savour the aroma, inspect the residue and taste her cream. You can hook them over your ears and leave your hands free to play with yourself. You may want to wrap the panties around your cock as you jerk off, feeling the panty material rubbing against your cock and imagining that the previous owner is there with you.

Wearing used panties

Female underwear is usualy made from beautiful materials; satin, silk, lace, cotton in fantastic designs and colours made to show off the female figure. Lots of guys are unable to wear these materials and colours because our society has decided that they are for girls only – sorry guys, you just get poly, poly-cotton or cotton in black, grey, navy and other dull ‘masculine’ colours.

After your panties have lost their smelling and holding them over a steaming kettle just doesn’t work any more and…well…they are getting a bit full of ‘you’ you may want to wash them and wear them yourselves. And why the hell not? Who says masculine men and sissy men can’t wear pink silk panties huh? What do they know?

Collecting used panties

Some buyers like to collect panties. They have a drawer where each panty is kept in its original wrapping, with the handwritten note and any photos. Each one inspected and treasured and the returned to it’s own spot in the collection. Guys collect baseball cards, football programmes – so why not used panties?

The beauty of used panties is that you can do whatever you want with your treasured purchases.