Humiliation – Domination – Bratgirl

I knew from a very young age, the power I hold over the entire male species. I have been able to manipulate every pathetic male that has ever come in contact with me. My brother, father, boy friends, and even pathetic little butt sniffers, like you. ◦ Humiliation ◦ Small Penis Humiliation ◦ Adult Diaper ◦Cucky Sitting ◦ Cuckolding ◦ Water Sports Forced Human Toilet ◦Body Worship (feet, hands, ass, boobies, legs, etc) ◦Financial Domination and Exploitation ◦ Feminization (sissification) ◦Forced Bi ◦ Cum Eating Instructions ◦ Public Humiliation ◦ Creative Roleplay ◦Tease and denial ◦ Human Slave Training (sit, beg, cum, etc) ◦ Orgasm Control ◦Masturbation Instruction ◦ Anal Instruction ◦ Cuckold ◦ Strap-on ◦ Forced BJ ◦Boot kissing/licking demands ◦ Chastity ◦ Panty Training

Be careful that you don’t end up in my “Hall of Shame