Funny things in my pantry…

Ok… This is a short one. Think about some of theses names! They are really funny!

Grape nuts, Quinoa, water crackers, pure mountain honey, olive oil, tuna, salmon, kidney beans, Cracker Jack, cocoa roasted al nods, dark chocolate pomegranate, turkey jerky, chocolate chips, graham crackers, granola bar, truffle olive oil, white vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar, popcorn, dried cranberry, chocolate pudding, thai noodles and twinkles!


The last one is really a joke for parties. I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse! I did try one and they didn’t taste like what I remember as a kid.

Then there is the cooking equipment. My old blender from college, hand emulsifier ( we will not go where I could go with the jokes about that!) steamer, food processor and ice cream maker ( special shout out to a great fan that bought that for me!).

I started this entry cause I was cracking up about the name Grape Nuts. Would a guy buy them and say ‘ I had Grape Nuts for breakfast’ ? Let me know your thoughts!

IMG_20120503_174818 IMG_20120324_190302 IMG_20111123_142432