Fresh foam scent

One of my recent trips I arrived at the hotel I was to check in the very early morning.  Plan was to be in hotel at check in around noon to get ready for model shoot later that day, then go camping the rest of the week.  I needed a few hours of sleep before heading down to the beach to watch the sunrise, so was going to get a quick nap in the car.  After getting the bed setup in the SUV, noticed that the new foam mattress really had a chemical funky smell to it.

Reading the label it said it would have a fresh foam smell for the first 48 hours ( it was brand new just out of the package).  We were so tired that we just put it next to the car door ( it was almost half closed on it so it wouldn’t blow away) and went to sleep on the air mattress.

About an hour later, while half asleep, heard two people talking to each other and saying ‘It’s a foam mattress’.  They said this in a very surprised and hushed voice…probably because it was early morning.  Went back to sleep and about 10 minutes later they took the foam from the side of the car and jumped in their get away car and sped off.  All we could see was that they looked like young men – 20ish.

My honey and I were laughing hysterically.  We should have been mad I guess, but who is so desperate for a foam mattress?  Keep in mind this was in the front parking lot of a very nice hotel in a very nice part of town.

Next morning we saw a BK area for a local sports team off in the hotel lobby.  Now it made sense.  The guys were out having a few beers and were bored walking home from a bar.  This was a very upscale part of town where everything closed fairly early.

I don’t know for certain that it was them, but all the facts did point their way.

So, I’m slowly get my camping gear going….a very funny and strange story of losing something before I even had a chance to sleep on it!