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Some additional information for the weakest males 😉

beckyjaime01As an alternative, I might allow you to commit to pay the specific cost of a particular item of expenditure every time I need it. So, for example, if you agree to be the one who pays my manicure, pedicure, or hair dressing bills, I will email you about a week before I need the money telling you how much I want. You will then pay me that money, within 48 hours, via my giftrocket service (the same one you use when you buy my panties etc). I will send you photos of me after I have had my nails or hair done, so you can see the results, and how your hard-earned cash has made me even cuter and more sexy 😉

  • Ignored Slave – For those who enjoy being ignored and begging for attention… you realize that you do not impress Me, excite Me, or deserve any of My attention. If you want to talk with Me, I will inform you of what you will need to do to earn that privilege. Unless you have something worthwhile to offer Me, you will be entirely and utterly ignored. You will give Me everything I want in order to earn My attention… and only the most worthy and loyal of slaves will earn My affection. In return of your loyal Tributes, you will receive the attention from Me you so desperately crave. Those slaves who demonstrate true servitude, setting themselves apart with divine gifts and generous Tributes, may be rewarded with videos and cam sessions where I will continue to ignore you as you beg and plead for My attention.
  • Cuckold Slave – For those who enjoy watching their Princess enjoy the company of another man…. know that you’ll never have a chance at being with Me… why should a Supreme Princess ever pay attention to you? You know you are absolutely pathetic… unworthy of My attention… My affection… let alone My love. You’re constantly thinking about what Me and Him might be doing… that’s right… I do enjoy the company of a better man, one who is Superior and worthy of My body and soul. He’s sexy, intelligant, masculine, strong, and most of all… big. He is everything you will NEVER be, and has the one thing you so desire… Me… and there’s nothing you can do about it. At least there is one way you can make Me happy… treat Me to a date with Him, in which We will enjoy delicious dinners, entertainment, shopping, and romance while you sit at home, alone, knowing you cannot attend… and aching to hear what We did with your money. In return of your Tributes, be rewarded with photo sets and video during Our special day or night out, sent to you as you envy Our enjoyment of your wallet. Know that your Tribute has served for Our enjoyment, and has gone to those who are worthy to receive such gifts. Those servants who demonstrate true servitude, setting themselves apart with divine and generous Tributes to Our dates, may be rewarded with extensive videos and couples cam sessions, where you can watch Him enjoy one thing you will never have – ME. Make yourself useful. We’re going out tonight, and your Tribute is the only way you’ll please Me.
  • Chastity Slave – For those who enjoy chastity play, key holding, and masturbation games… mfcbeckylesabre_humiliatirixyou will hand your sexual pleasure over to me, so I am in direct control of each and every one of your releases. You will not be permitted to play or cum without My direct permission or command, and often, will be required to beg for this esteemed privilege of pleasure. You may be required to give Me daily reports of your desires and indiscretions, or show Me evidence of your chastity device in use. You will be required to pay for the privilege of pleasure through Tributes and gifts, and pay penalties for your indiscretions when you disobey My orders. In return of your loyal Tributes and servitude, you will be rewarded with the gift of pleasure. Those slaves who demonstrate true servitude, setting themselves apart with divine gifts and generous Tributes, may be rewarded with photos, videos, and chat for an increased tease to accompany their pleasure.

I can agree an approximate budget with you, so you know roughly how much to plan for, but I expect you to pay what I ask, when I want it, even if it is a bit over budget, and I will accept no argument or disobedience. This is all about serving ME. If you are late with a payment, you will pay a $25 fine plus the late payment, to compensate me for the inconvenience. Plus other punishment at my discretion. If you fail to follow my instructions, you will be replaced.

This system is not for everyone, but if you want to feel under my control by treating and pampering your Princess when she demands it, it could be for you. You will also enjoy regular email contact with me, a privilege in itself, and receive the exclusive photos mentioned above.

Contact me with your humble proposal if you wish to serve me in this way

  • Consensual Blackmail – For those who love the threat of blackmail and manipulation… you will sign a contract dedicating your servitude to Me for a discussed extended period of time, throughout which, you will serve as My slave and paypiggie, to be used as I see fit. If you so choose to disobey Me, you will face the threat of blackmail… where I will share your deepest, darkest secrets and expose your hidden world to your family members, friends, boss, and wife. The only alternative to Me destroying your life is a pricey buyout, or proof of your loss of employment (or other emergency).

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