Fetish items

Pussy Pen

The pussy pen is any type of pen inserted into the vagina to be coated in thick pussy cream. It is then carefully wrapped in a plastic baggy for you to sniff it, lick it, and then use it. Just be careful who you lend it too *wink*.

Pussy Pop

Just like the pussy pen a lolly pop of some description is inserted into the vagina. The buyer can lick and suck that lolly knowing exactly where it has been.


For some buyers it just isn’t practical to have an unexplained pair of panties in his possession. The pussychief is an innocent alternative. The seller will use the handerkerchief to gather up all her juices, usually by wearing it folded up into the gusset of her panties. The buyer can then wear the hankie in his breast pocket or trouser pocket for a quick ‘dab of the nose’ without anybody being any the wiser.

Panty Pads

These are usually worn by women who want to ensure their gussets aren’t stained in their favourite panties. Some buyers would rather have panty pads than the panties themselves.

Panty Towels

These are sanitary towels, usually worn when the women is menstruating (bleeding). A very popular item for period fetishists.


Worn inside the vagina when the woman is menstruating. Again, very popular for some fetishists.


I will sell their pee in small plastic bottles. You may have to specify if you want morning pee (usually very strong) or day pee (usually weaker). If pee is too strong for an individual’s tastes all he need do is dilute it with water.

Champagne wipes

These are hankerchiefs dipped in pee. Be specific as to how much pee you want them dipped into.

Panty Princess

I will send out sissy packs that include panties, a teddy bear, some crayons etc. This service usually appeals to;

Panty Sissies

Panty sissies need loving guidance and support in their enjoyment of wearing panties.

I also enjoy humiliating my Panty Slaves by sending them tasks with the panty orders.

Panty Slaves

Slaves may be instructed to wear the panties to work and provide photos as evidence, or instructed to order toenail clippings or tampons to add to their humiliation and need to be dominated by a powerful Female.

Toenail Clippings

Foot fetishists not only adore used socks or stockings but often request toenail clippings. The seller will collect her clippigs, pop them in a tiny baggy and send them out knowing they are going to a good home.