Custom Requests

How it works?

Send me an e-mail with the subject titled as Custom (or Suggestion if you just want to give us an idea about a clip for the store)  You will notice that we do not have prices listed on our site; just as each video is unique, so are our videos’ prices. You may request a quote by emailing me; please do not leave anything out that you would want in your final scene.  Once I have all of the details of the custom, such as: how many models are involved, location, specific props, clothing, etc., I will then be able to quote you a price.

Send your custom request script to


Pricing and Payment

Pricing on videos vary depending on what is involved, how long the video is, and how many girls are requested. I typically do customs that run about 10-30 minutes, but can be longer if need be. Pricing will be discussed once I receive your script. It does not have to be an actual script, but it does need to have what YOU want in the custom video. Once your video has been paid for, the necessary models are booked into our schedule, and your video is produced.


Personally, I will do just about any fetish, but if your request is out of my comfort zone–no worries I will let you know. However there could be another model who is interested in your fetish, so don’t hesitate to send us your wildest fantasies. We employ some of the hottest mainstream & alternative models and porn stars as well as internationally-known fetish performers. Our models have been hand-selected for their exceptional aptitude for kinky role play, professionalism, and all around sex appeal! They each bring unique specialties and personal experience to the table in every performance.



Here are some comments from a few of my satisfied customers:

“Great video, Paige was tremendous.  Love the way she hopped and crutched around in her stiletto platform pumps. Thanks again for producing and hope we can work together again in future.”

“Becky, you are one of the cutest fetish models on the net! The clip was well done and thank you! I must admit It’s not every day that you can observe such beautiful young lady during a sneezing and spitting fit!”