Selling My Used Sex Toys. Pussy Beads.

Sweet beads, straight from my wet pussy to your wet mouth…

I do sell my used dildos (purchased and mail to me by you) but my favorite and most flavorful toy for you are my cum soaked pussy beads. I love playing with them, so they spend a long time in my juicy pussy. Sometimes I have multiple orgasms just walking around with them inside me. Once they come out, they go straight into the bag, and I post them to you the next day. Imagine tasting my sweet pussy juices, knowing how much pleasure they gave me. You’re a nice man giving me this pleasure. Wouldn’t you just love that? Ideal for the real man who puts his lady’s pleasure first, and doesn’t need sugar to help his medicine go down 😉

Worn Lingerie

My lingerie section includes garters belts, body stockings, teddies and corsets, as well as well-worn items that have been used to seduce many sexual partners. Lingerie items also include negligees, tap pants, some pajamas, and my worn bras.

Shoes, High Heels, Sneakers, Sandals, Flip-Flops


You want to worship the ground I walk on… take in the scent and texture of my soles as I press them against the earth… feel the curves of my toes, soles, arches, and heels as you run your tongue along them… fill your lungs with my sweat… Buy my shoes just how you like them – well worn, textured with the imprint of my soles, and filled with my intoxicating scent… exactly what you’ve been craving.

My Worn Stockings For Sale

I sell my worn stockings to men who want to sniff and taste the authentic dirty nylons of a cute and sexy young lady. As an experienced seller and recognizing that guys have different desires, I offer three degrees of scent:


1. Strong foot scent – I wear these stockings hard for about a week, sometimes up to 10 days, so the nylon reeks of my foot and leg sweat, and the odor of my shoes. If you lick them you will taste the salt of my sweaty feet. I like to think of you sucking the sweat out for me 😉


2. Mild foot odor – These stockings are less intense. They still smell of me, but it is a sweeter, gentler feminine fragrance. I wear them for a few hours, but don’t get them really dirty and sweaty.


3. Perfumed perfection – These stockings bear a perfumed fragrance. I have worn them wearing a favorite perfume, and not made them too sweaty/smelly. When you first sniff them, you will discern a faint trace of my womanly scent, complemented by the sweet delight of my perfume.


I want you to know that even though I sell them as “stinky”, the smell is not too bad. It’s very sweet and strong same time. They have a vinegar smell when my feet are wet and sweaty and then they always smell as popcorn… hehehe I vacuum seal my worn stockings immediately after taking them off, so they smell and taste exactly how they did the moment they left my body. I sell stockings mainly in these colors: black, red, nude, suntan and white.

Black Stockings

For me black stockings are the choice of the femme-fatale, and the strict but sexy boss. Would you like to work for a boss like me? I always feel a surge of power wearing black stockings, especially with black high heeled shoes, and love how men can’t help staring at and ogling my shapely black-stockinged legs when I am out and about. “Mmmm, is she wearing suspenders?” the older guys wonder. Sometimes they even ask me 😉 I only have to cross my legs slowly in a cafe or bar to make a man stop whatever he is doing or saying and pay me close attention. Now go and buy me another coffee boy


Red Stockings

Red stockings are to me the choice of the bad girl, the libertine who loves sex, and also loves to tease. They bring out the sexy nymph, Jezebel and Scarlet Woman in me, and I enjoy how guys can’t help but glance at my red-stockinged legs when I walk past them. They are probably drooling, wondering whether I’m wearing any panties! Haha, they all want me so badly, but even when I choose to look like a slut I’m a very choosy girl, and only the very best will ever have a chance

White Stockings

In contrast, white stockings evoke for me a feeling of purity and innocence, which I love to play along with. Men tend to react to me differently when I wear white stockings, protective almost, perhaps fondly recalling a young bride, or dreaming subconsciously of the White Goddess of ancient myth. I don’t know quite what it is! But whatever, I still notice guys trying to sneak a glimpse up my skirt when I’m sitting down, trying to see if I’m wearing matching panties.


Nude Stockings

Nude stockings are of course the natural look, transparent nylons suitable for a girl’s everyday life. When I wear them, I like how they show the real color of my legs and feet, and the color of my toenail varnish. My skin color changes with the seasons, from pale creamy-white in the winter, to light bronze in the summer. I change my toenail color regularly (maybe you would like to be the lucky one who pays for my pedicures whenever I want them? 😉 I like to slip my shoes off wearing nude stockings, wiggle my toes, and see who seems most excited by my pretty feet and toenails. I’m a tease, I know 😉 Guys who prefer the everyday girl look favor nude stockings, and love how they still absorb and retain my delicious natural foot and leg scents.


Tan Stockings

Tan stockings have that all year round color of summer, which is the sexiest season, and they really do make my beautiful legs look extra hot! In the gloomy light and cold winds of winter, guys seem very weak for a glimpse of my tanned calves or thighs beneath a well-fitting skirt. Leather boots with a good length heel complete this look nicely. When I am dressed like this, I can always tell when guys are staring longingly at my tan color legs and boots, and imagining what it would be like to kiss my sexy legs and feet. I love to tease such men by ignoring them, and make them feel frustrated.

Contact Me About A Particular Style Or Color Of Stocking You Want To Buy

If you have a special fantasy about a particular style or color of stocking, and you would like me to wear them for you, please send me details of the make and style, preferably with a photo. I could almost certainly buy them specially for you, once you’ve paid me for them. Don’t be shy! I love to hear from my worn stockings buyers about how they have enjoyed themselves with my stockings, and to see a picture of them in dirty nylons heaven. It doesn’t really matter what color stockings I wear though, my legs are toned and pretty fantastic, so I always get lots of admiration and attention. Purchase a pair of my worn stockings, stinky, mild or perfumed, and you can enjoy a small piece of my magic.

Pussy and Ass Pops For Sale!

I sell pussy pops for my lucky buyers to lick and suck. What is a pussy pop? Well you can see clearly enough from the pictures.

(recipe) First I suck and lick them all over, to make them wet, then I trace them slowly over my pussy lips, and even my clit, which always gives me a nice tingle. By now, my pussy is starting to get wet, and this is when I push the lollypop into my pussy. I move it around so that it gets covered all over in my lovely fresh juices. It’s sticky enough already, and just gets stickier in my pussy. When I am sure it is well coated, I pull it out and wrap it up at once, to preserve all my sweet goodness for my buyer to enjoy.

So when you open the package and put the pussy pop in your mouth, you know it’s come straight from my pussy to you! And you can savor the evidence, mixed with the candy flavor.

I also sell ass pops. These lollypops have been in my tasty little asshole while I twist them around, making sure they collect my ass taste. I wrap them up as soon as they come out. Just imagine, you could be tasting treats straight from my pussy and ass, simply by placing an order! If you haven’t tried it before, you could be in for a lovely surprise!

Special requests: contact me and ask.

Panty tease on the webcam

You can buy a pair of my worn panties after I tease you with them on the webcam. You will see me wearing the panties you want to purchase. I also do my webcam tease with socks or pantyhose. Just send me a message that you wish to see me on the webcam and I will contact you the same day. Buy some time to see me teasing you with the panties online. I’m an ordinary girl working from home, so please don’t be shy and contact me right away!

1. When are you online for panties tease?
Email me for my schedule to see the date I’m online. You can also tell me the day you can be online. I can be online any other day, but you need to inform me the day before. Also, look at the clock to see my current time. Choose the webcam tease duration and send me a message that you are willing to see me in panties/socks/pantyhose you have chose. You’ll get my message back the same or other day.

2. Do you get naked?
As usually you guys love to see me teasing you with the underwear you want to buy. I think you also want to be teased with your best choice panties. It’s more the verification thing to see that I am the real deal. I feel like I am a teasing girl, not a porn star who can do the crazy things being in front of the camera! 😉

3. Do I need to download anything to be able to see you teasing me with panties on webcam?
You need to have a Skype software installed.

Pee Panties


I am selling my peed-thru panties

Hello guys! I am a used panty seller and have been selling my worn panties for many years. I got orders to buy my peed-in panties. I thought you’re kidding me guys, but I tried and sold one pair. I had to check if they’re smelling good, or I had to pee thru them again, and I was impressed how sweet my pee scent is. REALLY! I couldn’t imagine how sexy this scent is before, and now I know why you wish to get my pee panties.

I don’t ship them wet as there will be an ammonia/mildew smell, so I ship them dry. I know you guys want to get them moist, but here is a tip. Use a steaming teapot to make my panties moist and you will get them exactly as you want them to be! I also tested my invention and know you will have much more pleasure smelling them!
Becky Lesabre14

1. Peed-in panties, pantyhose (without any photos and videos)

You can get a pair of my one day worn panties and I will pee thru them before I go to sleep or after I wake up to make them as yellowish as you want them to be. Some guys want them to be completely soaked, another guys love to get just a few drops. It’s up to you and I respect your choice.

2. Peed-in panties, pantyhose, socks (with personal photos)

I am an experienced seller and I know that you guys want to get extra pleasure playing with my pee scented underwear, so you can get a pair of my soiled knickers or pantyhose with additional photos of me in them. I can also hold a sign with your name to make you assured that I cooked them FOR YOU.

3. Peed-thru smelly panties or pantyhose (with a personal video)

Some guys prefer to get a peeing video of me more than photos, as you can see my golden nectar flows down and you can hear the sexy pee sound. It’s a very sexy, personal and intimate thing! I know you will be addicted to the video when you receive my pee stained panties and watch the video again and again smelling them! You will be in heaven! That’s for sure!!

4. Peeing thru a pair of white pantyhose to make them yellowish… hehehe

This video was recorded for my returning buyer who can never get enough of my yummy pee scent. It’s really too sweet. I didn’t know before that my pee smell is so wonderful. You need to try too 😉 Or please tell me if you want to get just a few drops of my pee in my panties or pantyhose. I am ready to make you satisfied!


5. Custom peeing photos and videos

I know you guys want to get something very special, so I can make a custom peeing video wearing the pair of panties you wish to get from me the most. Of course full backs are better than thongs as they have more fabric to adsorb my pee and you will have more area to enjoy!


How to buy my pee panties?


1. Choose the panties or the color of pantyhose you wish to get the most.
2. Send me a message about the peed underwear you want to buy.
3. I will reply to you the same or next day!

The Panty Fetish


Ever heard of it? Well yes you have. Mysophiliacs find soiled underwear sexually arousing. But why?

Sex pheromones are a chemical that is produced by one member of a species to attract a response from an opposite member of the same species.

If a lion or an elephant can detect a fertile female from miles and miles away then it is perfectly feasible that the female human will let off pheromones that will attract a male. It is therefore common sense that this scent will be concentrated in a particular area, such as her pussy. What rubs across her pussy on a continual daily basis – her panties of course.

Smelling used panties

The closest you can physically get to a woman is to bury your nose in her sex – if she’ll let you of course. A good alternative, if she won’t let you, is her panties, something she would normally drop into her laundry hamper without a second thought. But you can do a lot with them. You can savour the aroma, inspect the residue and taste her cream. You can hook them over your ears and leave your hands free to play with yourself. You may want to wrap the panties around your cock as you jerk off, feeling the panty material rubbing against your cock and imagining that the previous owner is there with you.

Wearing used panties

Female underwear is usualy made from beautiful materials; satin, silk, lace, cotton in fantastic designs and colours made to show off the female figure. Lots of guys are unable to wear these materials and colours because our society has decided that they are for girls only – sorry guys, you just get poly, poly-cotton or cotton in black, grey, navy and other dull ‘masculine’ colours.

After your panties have lost their smelling and holding them over a steaming kettle just doesn’t work any more and…well…they are getting a bit full of ‘you’ you may want to wash them and wear them yourselves. And why the hell not? Who says masculine men and sissy men can’t wear pink silk panties huh? What do they know?

Collecting used panties

Some buyers like to collect panties. They have a drawer where each panty is kept in its original wrapping, with the handwritten note and any photos. Each one inspected and treasured and the returned to it’s own spot in the collection. Guys collect baseball cards, football programmes – so why not used panties?

The beauty of used panties is that you can do whatever you want with your treasured purchases.

Fetish items

Pussy Pen

The pussy pen is any type of pen inserted into the vagina to be coated in thick pussy cream. It is then carefully wrapped in a plastic baggy for you to sniff it, lick it, and then use it. Just be careful who you lend it too *wink*.

Pussy Pop

Just like the pussy pen a lolly pop of some description is inserted into the vagina. The buyer can lick and suck that lolly knowing exactly where it has been.


For some buyers it just isn’t practical to have an unexplained pair of panties in his possession. The pussychief is an innocent alternative. The seller will use the handerkerchief to gather up all her juices, usually by wearing it folded up into the gusset of her panties. The buyer can then wear the hankie in his breast pocket or trouser pocket for a quick ‘dab of the nose’ without anybody being any the wiser.

Panty Pads

These are usually worn by women who want to ensure their gussets aren’t stained in their favourite panties. Some buyers would rather have panty pads than the panties themselves.

Panty Towels

These are sanitary towels, usually worn when the women is menstruating (bleeding). A very popular item for period fetishists.


Worn inside the vagina when the woman is menstruating. Again, very popular for some fetishists.


I will sell their pee in small plastic bottles. You may have to specify if you want morning pee (usually very strong) or day pee (usually weaker). If pee is too strong for an individual’s tastes all he need do is dilute it with water.

Champagne wipes

These are hankerchiefs dipped in pee. Be specific as to how much pee you want them dipped into.

Panty Princess

I will send out sissy packs that include panties, a teddy bear, some crayons etc. This service usually appeals to;

Panty Sissies

Panty sissies need loving guidance and support in their enjoyment of wearing panties.

I also enjoy humiliating my Panty Slaves by sending them tasks with the panty orders.

Panty Slaves

Slaves may be instructed to wear the panties to work and provide photos as evidence, or instructed to order toenail clippings or tampons to add to their humiliation and need to be dominated by a powerful Female.

Toenail Clippings

Foot fetishists not only adore used socks or stockings but often request toenail clippings. The seller will collect her clippigs, pop them in a tiny baggy and send them out knowing they are going to a good home.


Used Clothing FAQ’s

Description – All panties are worn for a full 48 hours including overnight, a moderate workout, 2 wet masturbation sessions, a photo set, and hand-written note. Extended wear , heavy workout, more masturbation, pee panties, period items, and other delights are available upon request. Panties and other items that are currently available are listed by category, with descriptions of the items and price. Other styles and items are available upon request, or when you send me a gift to wear! I’m a fit, non-smoker, with a healthy diet and clean shaven pussy (unless otherwise requested). I do not wear lotion, perfume, or other products that may interfere with natural scent.

Photos – I LOVE to take photos in my panties and garments! Panties include at least 5 to 7 high-quality, digital photos. I can offer extended photo sets with additional angles or lingerie upon request. All photos are sent via email once package has shipped. I also offer foot fetish photo sets.

Requests – I am very open minded and accept special requests, such as pleasuring myself in panties, wearing for extended time, extended work outs, stuffing, sex panties, pee panties, skid marks, and menstrual panties or stains. Prices for additional requests are listed below. If you would like something else, definitely ask! I would love to hear your idea.

Shipping – Panties are sealed and packaged to perfection, in an air tight Ziploc bag. They are shipped right after wearing, discretely in a large envelope. Your name and address are written, with an anonymous PO Box or your address as the return address, and no mention of the contents. If any scent is lost during the shipping process, allow panties to rest in a steam-filled room (while you’re taking a shower) for 15 minutes, so panties can regain moisture. All garments are shipped via regular mail, with overnight and other methods are available upon request. Price of shipping varies depending on your location.

Price – Prices vary per item, and are noted in photo descriptions. Special requests are available, and I can buy panties to fit your preference. Additional 24 hour wear, extended work outs, masturbation, Stuffing, pee, period panties, and masturbation panties are all an additional cost.  I sometimes offer reduced pricing for multiple orders and repeat customers. Payment is required before shipment. I prefer payment through, and occasionally via gift card (ask first). If you prefer snail mail, I can accept concealed cash with a tracking number.

Contact – Please email me if you have any questions, special requests, or would like to order. I am open to your ideas, and would love to hear from you! I will respond as soon as possible. My email is

Gifts & Size – I accept garment requests, and would love you to send me something sexy to wear for you. I also have a wish list and accept gifts, very happily! :) When you spoil me with a gift, I can spoil you with photo sets or garments. I am 5’9.5, 145 pounds, size 6 women’s dress, with medium panties and a 36c bra.

Sissies, Panty Boys, TS, TG, CD – If you see a garment you would love to have and wear for your collection, I will happily pass it down to you – unworn, clean, and in gently used condition. Garment prices will vary, but will always be less than the retail and worn value. I often have unlisted items available as well. I would love to show you more of my collection, and share them with you!

Also Available – I have many garments available, and would love to share them with you! All garments are similarly worn, photographed, and packaged, unless otherwise requested. Please contact me for details!

  • Stockings, Fishnets, Pantyhose, Tights
  • Socks, Workout Socks, Patterned Socks, Knee-Highs, Toe Socks
  • Bras, Sports Bras, Bandeaus
  • Lingerie, Corsets, Sets
  • Bathing Suits, Bikinis
  • Shoes, High Heels, Sneakers, Sandals, Flip-Flops
  • Workout Clothes, Bike Shorts, Yoga Pants, T-shirts, Tank Tops
  • Regular Clothes, Dresses, T-Shirts, Blouses, Jeans, Shorts, etc
  • Purses, Accessories, Cosmetics
  • Toys (must be bought in advance)
  • Open to Requests!
  • Photo Sets upon request, or with gifts
  • Foot Fetish Photo Sets

Used Socks


You love the smell of my dirty, filthy socks… filled with my sweat after a dripping wet workout. The scent of my white cotton socks, pressed against my musky feet… soft and smooth as they soak up my scent. Bury your nose in my socks … fill your lungs with my sweat and juices… Buy them just how you like them – filled with my intoxicating scent… exactly what you’ve been craving. I love dirtying my worn unwashed socks for you guys, and have fun thinking of you sniffing them and sucking all my sweat and dirt out. All socks are tightly packed in air tight bags, so they smell and taste exactly as they were when I peeled them off my pretty feet. 


My Worn Cotton Socks for sale

I have sold many pairs of dirty socks. Men seem to love having my worn socks to play with, or worship. Cotton is good because it absorbs my sweat well. If you are a foot fetishist, or like to adore a real girl’s smelly socks, deny yourself no longer. Order your pair now!

I can wear the socks for one day, for several days or even a week, depending on how stinky you want them 😉 My one-day wear socks have almost no scent, for those of you who want to enjoy a VERY gentle natural aroma of female feet. I can add a spray of perfume to give them a sweet feminine fragrance, if you want. My long-wear socks can smell really pungent and reek of my stale foot sweat.

If you are crazy for my socks, and want to treat me as the Princess I am, you should consider making a regular financial contribution. In return you will get regular photos not available on my web site, and the chance to explore your fetish with me one-to-one via email. You don’t have to be alone with your fetish.

My Dirty Used Panties for Sale

I usually wear each pair to order, and love how excited you guys get while you wait! I will wear your panties for 24, 48 or 72 hours (occasionally longer) depending on what you want. I offer a wide variety of styles and colors, because I am a bit crazy for panties myself, and can’t stop buying them 😉

In general panties come with normal wear, a day or more wearing them for you. No two worn panties are quite the same: I am a real girl not a machine, so you get my unique spicy scent and taste every time. I am a highly sexed young lady, things are always turning me on, so my pussy often gets moist, which gives my panties an irresistible aroma 😉 Some of my fans compliment me too on my natural, sweaty ass smell, which they say is rich and wholesome. You’re getting the authentic dirty panties of a real very sexy girl who enjoys her life and likes to share her magic!

I have thongs, fullbacks, bikini, boyshort and various other styles filled with my Sweet Princess Nectar Royal Pussy Juice,  Perfect Body Sweat and/or My Musky Backdoor Scent and Royal Ass Candy . No perfumes or body sprays, no scented lotions, just my sweet body scent.

I will wear my panties for 24 hours to 48 hours – price is $75.00  (includes shipping in the US). International – you will have to pay for shipping costs.

If you would like a longer time, just add the wearing time inquiry, along with any other extra dirty options you require when emailing me and you will get custom price.


  • I can Cum in your panties
  • Video wearing your Panties
  • Panty Stuffing
  • Heavy Gym Exercise Workout
  • Strip Tease Panty Photoset

Don’t let my dirty clothing end up in the laundry! You can make so much better use of them, so choose an item below and they will yours forever.



I know you can’t get enough my delicious scent and taste. Bury your nose in my panties… feel them brush against your cock and face… suck on my sweet juices. Buy my panties just how you like them – juicy and filled with my sweet scent… exactly what you’ve been craving.

All of my dirty panties are worn by me and only me, for periods of 24 to 72 hours. And as soon as I finish wearing your panties, I strip them off, seal them in an air-tight bag, and rush them to your door!

My panties are a delicious, fragrant delight for all your senses. If you enjoy the authentic, musky taste and aroma of a real woman’s body, then you need to experience my hot used panties for yourself … it’s the next-best thing to burying your face between my soft, creamy thighs.

All panties are worn for 24 hours, or overnight, masturbation, with a workout, pee soaked, or a photo set. I take requests! If there’s a style, color, or material that you’d like me to get for you, let me know. I’ll never turn down an excuse to go shopping for more lingerie on your budget!

Discounts Available for Multiple Items & Repeat Buyers

Payment Options


I accept a variety of payment options however many of them take a percentage off the top, so I have made this page to help you make a correct payment. I will break down each payment option so you know how much to send once fees are included.


My Newest Way of Accepting Payments- Send the payment to

light_logo is my favorite and most preferred method of payment.

Information needed to complete payment:

Name: becky lesabre

Gift Amount: You will know this once I have quoted you for a service or product.

Email to recipient:



Clips4Sale Tribute or Purchase Clips. I think you will love this options, as you can purchase clips from my store and still receive the product you are purchasing. (webcam, customrequest videos, used panties, etc)

$70 = $50
$105 = $75
$140 = $100
$210 = $150
$245 = $175