Camping tricks


A few tricks I’ve picked up during my camping travels.

1) Don’t use ice in cooler  – put water in plastic bottles –  when it melts it won’t soak your food. If you do use ice, put is plastic sealed bags.

2) Don’t camp right behind horse stalls – check where lot is in equestrian sites.

3) Get your used egg cartons and fill them with lint from the dryer – great fire starters

4) Foam pad on a blow up bed is great for making it seem like a bed from home.

5) Go to local supermarket and get 12 inch sub and bucket of fried chicken for snacks.

6) Put sheet over SUV windows so you don’t get bugs in when you crack it and don’t wake up at the crack of dawn when sun comes up.  Oh – and it is also good for privacy when your getting it on!