Campfire pantie smells

I always try and camp where there a hot showers.  Mornings we use a propane little stove to do the coffee and eggs.  Then hike, canoe, and sight see the rest of the day.  Back at camp that night we get a good fire going and cook over the fire.   I get these square aluminum trays and put chicken or fish and lots of veges in them.  I of course have to bend over and shake the tray from time to time.  I really get some campfire smoke on my clothes.

DSCN1321 DSCN1316

You really smell it when you get home and are washing the clothes.  Last time we camped I got a little  frisky and decided I was going to cook in my underwear.  I do sell my used panties online, so were already wearing a pair to get ready for a customer.  When I was home putting them in a baggie I noticed they smelled like me and the campfire smell.  So, I’ve got a few pairs that you can purchase that have my delicate scent along with the smells of campfire.  I made sure to take a few pictures since we were having such a good time. Also, these are for sale so send me an email if you would like to purchase!