657 steps for my tush

If you read the blog ‘ A scar with a happy memory’ you know about my fall leaf watching trip.  The third day was spent with wonderful views and feeling like I was on a stair master. The suspension bridge was a bit nerve racking.  Worth going up and own all those stairs! I felt a little sore next day in my tush.  But, a good kind of sore if you know what I mean!
Notes from the hike:
Headed back to the junction with the Hurricane Falls staircase and begin the descent into the canyon. This entire section is a series of metal grated steps. There are a few benches along the way for those coming up this side. After travelling down 347 steps, reached the Hurricane Falls suspension bridge.  It’s another 310 steps back to the North Rim trail and Overlook 2, completing the loop.
The visitor center had a cute 80’s video about the park.  By 80’s I mean the shorts the guys were wearing as well their mustaches.  
Took a lot of great pictures of the gorge.  Another beautiful sunny fall day!