whoops, I was cold

Recently was driving home late one night and went into a truck stop for the usual…gas, bathroom break and a few munchies.  I noticed that everyone, even the gals were staring at me.  I smiles and just thought it was a small town and everyone was friendly.

When I was washing my hands I looked in the mirror and understood why. My nipples were fully erect.  i was not wearing a bra since it was just a car ride home and I was tired after a long day of shooting.

I put my hands over my nipples and pressed down until they went down.  Got my munchies and laughed on the car ride home about my little show at the truck stop.  Hopefully I made their night and drives a little more entertaining!


Blowing rock

While by Dickinson campground, had a great afternoon of canoeing.  After that remembered a great beach nearby with coral call Blowing Rock.

It was just a short drive and had a great walk on the beach.  it was high tide so only saw a few of the old coral sticking out.

Got sprayed in the face – but was the surf. i know what your thinking.  Enjoy the photo.


Mermaid in the sand

My sandcastle has me building a bit much…really, a mermaid in the sand that has good jugs.  I like them medium.  Not like she went out in the sea and spent some money and had them enhanced. They are all real mermaid sand jugs for me to enjoy and squeeze.


Blondes have more fun

Interesting facts on this:

The adoration of blonde hair began 2000 years before Homer.  During that era, Persians plaited their breads with golden threads.  This act symbolized their worship of sun and fire.

Young girls have an instant role model.  Who? Why? Blond Barbie – she is the most popular girl doll globally.

People with blonde hair have more strands per capita on their head than red-heads or brunettes. They have 140,000 hairs compared to 108,000 than non-blondes.

They look great in baby blue. And next to the ocean. And look especially great in baby blue walking in the ocean.

Even when they are sad and grumpy, their hair is still bright and shinny


Fresh foam scent

One of my recent trips I arrived at the hotel I was to check in the very early morning.  Plan was to be in hotel at check in around noon to get ready for model shoot later that day, then go camping the rest of the week.  I needed a few hours of sleep before heading down to the beach to watch the sunrise, so was going to get a quick nap in the car.  After getting the bed setup in the SUV, noticed that the new foam mattress really had a chemical funky smell to it.

Reading the label it said it would have a fresh foam smell for the first 48 hours ( it was brand new just out of the package).  We were so tired that we just put it next to the car door ( it was almost half closed on it so it wouldn’t blow away) and went to sleep on the air mattress.

About an hour later, while half asleep, heard two people talking to each other and saying ‘It’s a foam mattress’.  They said this in a very surprised and hushed voice…probably because it was early morning.  Went back to sleep and about 10 minutes later they took the foam from the side of the car and jumped in their get away car and sped off.  All we could see was that they looked like young men – 20ish.

My honey and I were laughing hysterically.  We should have been mad I guess, but who is so desperate for a foam mattress?  Keep in mind this was in the front parking lot of a very nice hotel in a very nice part of town.

Next morning we saw a BK area for a local sports team off in the hotel lobby.  Now it made sense.  The guys were out having a few beers and were bored walking home from a bar.  This was a very upscale part of town where everything closed fairly early.

I don’t know for certain that it was them, but all the facts did point their way.

So, I’m slowly get my camping gear going….a very funny and strange story of losing something before I even had a chance to sleep on it!






Rangers help

Was checking in to one of the State campgrounds and wanted some info on hikes and renting canoe’s.  not a difficult thing, right?  Especially if that is all you do over and over all day long.  Well this ranger had to really think about things and constantly look things up on his computer to give me an answer.  Then he pulled in his fellow ranger dude to also come up and give his opinion and answer some really basic questions.  Finally the lady ranger came in and also started to chime in on everything.

I’m thinking why do they really need to let me know every detail of the river where to fish, all the signs, can’t find maps, then find the maps….

i must say they were very nice and sweet.  And it did remind me that i do have a thing for uniforms.


Campfire pantie smells

I always try and camp where there a hot showers.  Mornings we use a propane little stove to do the coffee and eggs.  Then hike, canoe, and sight see the rest of the day.  Back at camp that night we get a good fire going and cook over the fire.   I get these square aluminum trays and put chicken or fish and lots of veges in them.  I of course have to bend over and shake the tray from time to time.  I really get some campfire smoke on my clothes.

DSCN1321 DSCN1316

You really smell it when you get home and are washing the clothes.  Last time we camped I got a little  frisky and decided I was going to cook in my underwear.  I do sell my used panties online, so were already wearing a pair to get ready for a customer.  When I was home putting them in a baggie I noticed they smelled like me and the campfire smell.  So, I’ve got a few pairs that you can purchase that have my delicate scent along with the smells of campfire.  I made sure to take a few pictures since we were having such a good time. Also, these are for sale so send me an email if you would like to purchase!

Canoeing is a great way to see a park

Last two camping trips we ended up renting canoe’s for a few hours and paddling up and down the local rivers.  This is definitely the way to see the river, landscape and essence of a park.   Have another one scheduled in a week and will find a place to rent a canoe again. Really wanting to get one to use more locally. Check out the local pictures from the last few trips.DSCN1352 DSCN1175 DSCN1174 DSCN1182

657 steps for my tush

If you read the blog ‘ A scar with a happy memory’ you know about my fall leaf watching trip.  The third day was spent with wonderful views and feeling like I was on a stair master. The suspension bridge was a bit nerve racking.  Worth going up and own all those stairs! I felt a little sore next day in my tush.  But, a good kind of sore if you know what I mean!
Notes from the hike:
Headed back to the junction with the Hurricane Falls staircase and begin the descent into the canyon. This entire section is a series of metal grated steps. There are a few benches along the way for those coming up this side. After travelling down 347 steps, reached the Hurricane Falls suspension bridge.  It’s another 310 steps back to the North Rim trail and Overlook 2, completing the loop.
The visitor center had a cute 80′s video about the park.  By 80′s I mean the shorts the guys were wearing as well their mustaches.  
Took a lot of great pictures of the gorge.  Another beautiful sunny fall day! 

Sunning on the deck

I love the start of summer! I have missed wearing all my bikinis. Just being able to lay in the sun and feel the rays on my skin are definitely a turn on for me.

Laying in a chair, slathering oil all over me and just feeling the heat slowly make me sweat. That is what a princesses main job should be. I’ll get just a nice sun kissed tan so you can enjoy it. I think the tan lines are a turn on. You get to see what others don’t. But, then I do like nude bathing now and then. That is a good feeling. Laying naked on a chair just feeling the sun touch every part of my body. The ultimate pleasure is laying naked in a chair and having my honey go down on me.


Right now I’m laying on a towel writing this. Would love to put my tush in a nice lounge chair. Send me one and I’ll send you some pictures of me laying in it naked!

Food porn

You know how I like food! I think how you cook is how good you are in bed.

I always use fresh ingredients. I like to cook what is fresh and has grown that season. Can’t stand when things are artificially ripened. Not for me. I want the local grown food that smells as good as it tastes.

I like trying different recipes. You should always have a wide variety of things in your life. Different recipes…different positions.

It’s good to taste as you go. This way you can spice it up if its tastes as little bland. I have many different spices. I like to chose a country or area in the state and make a meal around that theme.


I like the steam and aroma from the dish as much as I like the taste. It all must look good and be presented well when eaten. Use all your senses for food and sex!

New fruit I tried

Bought this fruit at the farmers market.  It did taste good! I just can’t remember what it was called.image

Hope you like the picture. Let me know if you know what it’s name is.

My intense trainer

My trainer has once again kicked it up a notch. More cardio, more minutes, more days each week.

My thing is I get bored on the machines after about 10 minutes. I will even switch it up and do 10 minutes running, 10 minutes biking and about 2 minutes on the stairmaster.

It was so much easier when I lived way down south with the weather. Could just go outside each morning and go for a jog. I know I can do that here but I hate running outside when it’s below 70. It’s just to darn cold. My nipples are going to need a vacation and nice strong heat rays from being at attention all winter!


My new idea is to do the cardio playing racketball. Just imagine me in tight shorts, tight shirt, running all over a little room with my breasts bouncing as I swing the racket at a little ball! Now that is fun cardio! At least one you can do in public! Look at the ones I picked out and help me maintain my girly figure!

Why so many pics of my backside


Really another one? Every time I download pictures from the camera I get all of these backside pictures! I’m both embarrassed and just think it’s funny my honey keeps taking these pictures.

This one was taken about midnight getting ready for a camping trip. I was making our tin foil pre-meals to throw on the camp fire. It’s easier to cut things in the kitchen than do while camping.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Coon took my s’mores


I’m happiest when at the beach. That ocean air is so intoxicating.

I just got a book on making sand castles. I’m definitely going to make my dream sand castle.  St. Augustine was a great trip. The state park there was really very clean and just a few blocks to the beach.

What I learned on that trip is always bring your cooler in the car. Up in the Smokies we were concerned about bears. Since we knew that they we not in Florida, after a few shots of rum just went to bed leaving the cooler out but closed on the picnic table.  My honey got up to pee in the middle of the night and saw it opened. Figured it was mice or some small creature, closed it, put a gallon water jug on it and went back to bed.  Later I got up because I heard noise outside the car…cooler open and food all over the place.  I put it back in the car.

Funny thing was next morning we saw what was taken.  The bag of chips, all the turkey dogs, and all the ingredients for s’more! The fruit just had a bite in it and was thrown on the ground.  So I guess our coons were junk food junkies! I was still bummed though since I never got my s’mores!